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People & Purpose

Ethical Investment Wealth Managers

With Your Future In Mind

Located in La Jolla, CA, Sage Stone Wealth Management, registered in 2010, provides values-based ethical investment services in multiple states and providing investment advisory services for over 100 clients. We look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside you, investing in a better future.


Our People

Our Purpose

The purpose of Sage Stone Wealth Management is to align financial objectives with ethical and sustainable values, ensuring that investment decisions consider the social and environmental impact of businesses.


Ethical investors just like you, seek to support companies that operate responsibly, promoting positive change in areas such as climate change, human rights, labor practices, and corporate governance.


By allocating capital towards sustainable and socially responsible enterprises, Sage Stone aims to generate both financial returns and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future for you and those you know and love.

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