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Value & Virtue

Sage Stone and You

Values play a crucial role in shaping the identity and success of any business or organization. They serve as guiding principles that define the company's culture, behavior, and decision-making processes. When a business establishes a strong set of core values, it creates a framework for employees to align their actions and behaviors.



We are committed to ethically screened investments, customized for each investor’s unique concerns.  We use exhaustive academic and industry research to screen for companies that take advantage of the suffering of others, including those involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons, pornography, pollution, abortion and bioethics issues.  Ethical investing also entails seeking out investments that potentially provide a financial harvest and, by virtue of their benefit to others, eternal treasure. Portfolios are crafted to honor the values most important to each client


We provide consultative investment advice, tailored for each client based on his or her goals, time frames and tolerance for risk.  Our model is not based on the sale of product; we seek to enhance outcomes through harmonious integration of deeply held values and beliefs into clients’ financial plans.  We provide vigilant watch over the stock, fixed-income, cash, precious metals and other investments in client portfolios, with special attention given to changes that affect the ethical suitability of the investment.



Our team responds creatively to life events as they occur, advising investors on ways to adjust to these changes in direction.  Evolving tax laws, new investment vehicles, and emerging conditions in the industry are considered in light of each client’s ideal investment strategy. We provide assistance regarding shareholder actions intended to create positive change. Our team gives special attention to diverse topics addressing the emotional and spiritual issues involved in wealth management.

The Virtue of Fidelity

A Track Record of Trust

Fidelity is a world-renowned custodian administering trillions in assets.


They are the number one provider of corporate retirement plans (i.e. 401(k)s) in the country—a huge vote of confidence from the business community, entrusted with a great fiduciary responsibility to their employees.


Fidelity has the largest platform of mutual funds— and the largest selection of ethically screened mutual funds. We gain access to better-performing, less expensive ethical funds on their platform.


They have not taken one penny in tax-payer-funded bailouts, nor do they constantly show up in the news for various dramas.

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